Saturday, March 31, 2007

Batch "Magdiwang" Graduation Rites

"Magdiwang 2007"

Graduation Rites

31 March 2007
Little Angels Learning School
Bacoor, Cavite

The Graduates and their


A showmanship of skills


their Guest and LALS Board Chairman

For them arnis is a way of life that has borne in their blood. It has given them impetus to the life they presently enjoy and will keep sharing it until to the last drip of their blood. That's how dedicated these men for the cause of their belief in arnis.

Who knows that someday their cause could be a saving grace for our country's faltering moral leadership. Nobody can answer that ........... only these generation of "young Turks" probably can!

These two partners of three generation gap of instructors are now equal and brothers in the cause of their promotion. Instructor Rey Postrado and Cmdt. Junch Martinada are patiently waiting .......... and waiting .......... and waiting ........ until when these "young Turks" matures and be like them!

Only time can tell and probably witness to the success of the seeds that they have planted in the hearts and mind of these "young Turks"!

The triumvirate"

The Guest, the Chairman and the CEO are very much appreciative of their students accomplishment. Now they are proud to award their certificates of accomplishment for the successful participants of that arnis training program.

A parting words from the Guest

to the Batch of "Magdiwang 2007"

The six outstanding members


Batch "Magdiwang 2007"


By: Maharlikan Rene Fernandez (Guest Speaker)


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