Monday, December 24, 2007

Additional 2007 Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings


Family and Friends

of Liping Maharlika!

Chona & Bong Villa-real
California, USA

Cesar Hernandez & Family
California, USA

Alex & Staff of the Dept. Homeland Security
USCIS, US Embassy
Manila, Philippines

Thank you and Merry Christmas


A Prosperous New Year

to all of you!!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Season's Greetings from the LM family circle

A Holiday Greetings from


Bro. and NARAPHIL President

Liping Maharlika

"Christmas Greetings"


Family cirles & Friends!

Bro Alan Gantong & Family
Tonsuya, Malabon City

Dela Cruz Family
La Loma, Caloocan City

"Little Angels Learning School Arnis Team"
Liping Maharlika HQ
Bacoor, Cavite

Bro. Alex dela Cruz
US Embassy, Manila

"Maharlikan wives"
Bacoor, Cavite

Greetings from Manong Leo & Family
Houston, Texas, USA

Greetings from Zaldie & Family
Marikina City, Philippines

Greetings from Mennie & Family
Virginia, USA

Greetings from Ana & Family
Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

Greetings from Andy & Family
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Greetings from Bong & Family
Sampaloc, Manila,

Greetings from Caloy & Family
Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines

Greetings from Dan & Family
Talon, Las Pinas City, Philippines

Merry Christmas


A Prosperous New Year

to all!!!

From Liping Maharlika family

Sunday, November 18, 2007

''Magdiwang 2007" Joins PHILMAT Team Building Seminar/Workshop

A different kind


A Seminar/Workshop

During the early formative years of the PHILMAT, a two to three-days in-house training was being conducted four to five times a year not only to enhance the skills of the troupe but more on their cohesiveness or camaraderie.

The seminar/workshop has different level of approaches - from the team building to the leadership training and giving each and everyone the opportunity to take responsibility in each of their undertaking no matter how minute it may be. It also involves some aspect of personality building or identity building and from a simple first-aid to an organized response team to a disaster.

This concept is based on the principle of the Maharlikan way - "noble cause, discipline and honor". We believe that each and every child has the potential to lead and become responsible citizen of this country through arnis. That's why these people devote their precious time and energy in helping these new "Turks" the way.

We believe that the only way to progress shall emanate from the very heart of these children who have been honed in that Maharlikan way. They are the grassroots of the next generation of a True arnisador!

The Challenge

Participants are teamed-up together from different ages and level of knowledge to share one's experience or learn from the other and develop his/her identity from the team. Materials are provided to build something from it through a concerted efforts which determine their visions and make it into a tangible reality. Such example is the above effort in building a tower made out of a newspaper - a dream that it may reach its peak someday!

Enjoying much of the fun while listening to their Mentor, probably even experiencing it and surely they will reminisce the minute of that event in their lives. Their volunteer Mentor is none other than Col. Bong Del Camat of the PNP who is currently the Deputy Chief for the PNP Aviation Command.

Not long ago, about three decades to be exact, we were in the same shoes as these "young Turks" are experiencing now and we always reminisce those moment as the building block of what we are of today!

Instructions are carefully being handled by another volunteer Mentor, none other than Cmdt. Junch Martinada of the San Beda College of Alabang High School Commandant.

For him teamwork is what makes an organization successful and dedication follows next. For every team a leader arises and makes each member a successful follower. Methodically these kind of exercises creates responsibility and subsequent building of character worthy to be proud of - Maharlikan!

Greatness comes with responsibility, because these "young Turks" usually by nature idolize their Mentor. So Mentor are cautious and keen enough to enlighten them on the two sides of the coin!

Who else do they put in the face or head of the coin but great men and women of their own.

So "young Turks" keep on believing in yourself and your abilities to do better beyond of what your Mentor has taught you!

Because we believe in your greatness and your ability to lead our organization if not our country to the next millennium! Your community and family needs you to lead the way!

Your knowledge of arnis is your life and identity as a true Filipino martial artist. You shall bestow them to the next generation as your legacy from our forebears.

Be proud and honored that such skills was bestowed to you from the very bottom of our hearts as we shared it to you and as a contribution to our beloved country.

This is only the beginning ............... some may be dreaming, smiling, working and planning of what a team can really achieved, for the success of each and everyone of you is also the success of the the team. Future is far ahead ............... but with teamwork, nothing is impossible to accomplish!

So build your own team in your heart so that all the system can work efficiently and have a healthy life ahead of you - "Young Turks"!!!

"Team building is constructing oneself for the team"

By: Manong

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Batch "Magdiwang" Graduation Rites

"Magdiwang 2007"

Graduation Rites

The Liping Maharlika Little Angels Learning School Arnis Club of Bacoor, Cavite has again successfully conducted the yearly graduation rites of their Arnis Club as part of their grading promotions. Twenty-five members successfully finished their basic arnis training program and others joined the Maliksi group together with the other affiliated chapters to qualify for the NARAPHIL Philmat Generation III Troupe.

The success of this kind of activity would have not been possible for the generous assistance from the school administration CEO, Mrs. Christine Sarte, and their primary sponsor, Chief Engr. Zaldie Franco. Their instructors Messrs. Rey Postrado and Mike Dela Cruz have done a lot of sacrifices an teaching these children in pursuit of the art.

One unique feature of the said school is that they have adopted different kind of martial arts as an alternative physical education from the common ball games usually offered by other schools. It has become a part of their curriculum and they have provided the necessary facilities for it.

Other martial arts that are being conducted besides from arnis are the taekwondo, karatedo and judo. They plan to expand their coverage in the years to come to become the premier schools with a martial arts curriculum. At present they are catering pre-elementary courses up to the elementary course (Grade 1 - 6).

Batch "Magdiwang 2007"

Showcasing their skills!

For them is all fun and games, trying to enjoy their new acquired knowledge. But behind everything is the discipline in learning it and using it as a vehicle in trying to improve oneself - physically, morally and spiritually upright human person.

Now they are learning the initial step in trying to defend themselves through series of demonstration showcasing to their parents of their new learned skills.

This is how to do it with two sticks! This is no chopsticks!

"The legacy is still fresh from the blood of our forebears, and probably will still flow from the blood of our youth until to this day and years to come. A legacy that they can be proud of being a Filipino".

As the "Magdiwang 2007" continue showcasing their skills, eager parents and friends took time in documenting their talents by taking videos and pictures as noted in the above pictures. There is nobody who will be more proud than a parent for their new learned skills. A skill that they will embark someday in defense not only for themselves and others but of their moral values and what they believe is just and right.

Waiting eagerly for their final phase of the occasion!

Applying their learned skills!

Batch "Magdiwang 2007"


By: Junch Martinada


Batch "Magdiwang" Graduation Rites

"Magdiwang 2007"

Graduation Rites

31 March 2007
Little Angels Learning School
Bacoor, Cavite

The Graduates and their


A showmanship of skills


their Guest and LALS Board Chairman

For them arnis is a way of life that has borne in their blood. It has given them impetus to the life they presently enjoy and will keep sharing it until to the last drip of their blood. That's how dedicated these men for the cause of their belief in arnis.

Who knows that someday their cause could be a saving grace for our country's faltering moral leadership. Nobody can answer that ........... only these generation of "young Turks" probably can!

These two partners of three generation gap of instructors are now equal and brothers in the cause of their promotion. Instructor Rey Postrado and Cmdt. Junch Martinada are patiently waiting .......... and waiting .......... and waiting ........ until when these "young Turks" matures and be like them!

Only time can tell and probably witness to the success of the seeds that they have planted in the hearts and mind of these "young Turks"!

The triumvirate"

The Guest, the Chairman and the CEO are very much appreciative of their students accomplishment. Now they are proud to award their certificates of accomplishment for the successful participants of that arnis training program.

A parting words from the Guest

to the Batch of "Magdiwang 2007"

The six outstanding members


Batch "Magdiwang 2007"


By: Maharlikan Rene Fernandez (Guest Speaker)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Maharlikan Greetings for 2006 Yuletide Season

A Christmas Greetings
the Family of some Maharlikan

Greetings from
Ontario, Canada

Greetings from
Virginia, USA

Greetings from
California, USA

Greetings from
Texas, USA

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon
sa lahat!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maharlika Celebrants for December


Celebrants for December


23 December

A gentleman who is fondly called "Weh" by the ladies of Maharlikans. The most reliable and dependable comrade, who possess an awesome diplomatic skills, never run-out of jokes most of the time and who never ceases everyone of his talent not only in arnis or other martial arts but technical things that comes out in every event the PHILMAT encounters. Regardless of they maybe electrical, mechanical, computer or otherwise including the skills of diplomacy in dealing problem of disputes or troubles - HE IS THE MAN!

Being an engineer with a hobby of photography, probably he has developed that leadership skill innate of himself that gave him a meticulous touch in every event undertaken by the Maharlika, from the big picture of the event to the slightest detail of that activity. He thinks all of that planning, which makes him the big man behind the scene - HE IS THE MAN!

As a PHILMAT member, he possesses the skills and expertise in the use of bladed weaponry to the awesome of the spectators. He takes the lead role together with his sparring buddies Bro Andy for the "ARNIS-SIKARAN", Bro Ariel for the "SABIR" and Bro Vigieh for the FINALE performance - "BURONG TALO"! He also has the skills in the use of the "Nunchakos" and the most popularly known weapon in Batangas, the "BALISONG"! He is the making of "Bruce Lee", but only the duplicate - HE IS THE MAN!

When he migrated to Canada ten years ago, even though he possesses a good government position at his age, it was for a good reason! Though his absence from the Maharlika was a big impact from our activities, his ideas and style of management produce a lot of following from the ranks! Every now and then, he stills comes around for a visit to see what progress he has done for the Maharlika - we never failed him because .......................... HE IS THE MAN!

Every year on the 23rd day of December, the Maharlikans never failed to miss a reunion even though it wasn't her "Foundation Anniversary", but because it is the BIRTHDAY of .................... "Weh" - HE IS THE MAN!

Why he is called the MAN?

He is Emmanuel, that's why!!!

Happy Birthday Bro!

We miss you!!!

PHILMAT lead performers

NARAPHIL Recognition Day
Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

Advance Instructors Seminar
(In House Training at Central Office)

"Burong Talo" the Finale

Cebu Ground, Nayong Pilipino
(Summer of 1982)

Liping Maharlika 2000 Reunion
Pacita Complex
San Pedro, Laguna

NARAPHIL Recognition Day

Rizal Memorial Sports Complex

Everybody was awed when you suddenly left for abroad, which we also think you never expected that sooner but we always know for a very good reason. Your leadership style and that diplomatic skills you left us was a very big plus factors in our experience in managing Maharlika and our own businesses. You are a very kindhearted person who never runs out of money to lend someone else in dire of needs or even give it for a cause!

You are really the man!

Happy Birthday Again UTOL!

From all of us!!!