Saturday, July 08, 2006

Maharlika Celebrants for July

Maharlika Celebrants


09 July

You started young and very daring. You have experience life in extremes. You have always been the sidekick of Vigie .............. but you're definitely different! You have shown your potentials with being an alternate of the "Burong Talo" with Bro. Junch. You have also shown your skills in being the "Best Referee" in our tournaments. You have all the potentials of being a great Maharlikan but ................ sometimes things linger in one's mind! Where am I really going and what do I really want to do with my life???

We understand you're predicament and we are always there beside you! We still love you and miss your company a lot!

We wish you have change a lot and corrected your path. We know you have matured and your daringness has subtled. Life after all is all about friendship and taking responsibilities. We do not seek gold in mountains but in the heart of your friends and families!!!

Today is your birthday and we hope you can share this with us for this day! You know we have never forgotten you because you have always been in our hearts! Have Birthday Bro. Ariel!!!


24 July

I can't describe myself to you guys because I know you've known me since 35 years ago. I just want to share my birthday to you all as a sign of thanks giving that for all these years we are still together going strong.

Just pray for our health that we can still live longer for the fulfillment of our plans which we are now currently undergoing. We need your support and keep our duties and responsibilities so we may move forward.

Thanks for your greetings and may God bless us all!!

"We practice to attain EXCELLENCE; Perfection is God's business"
Michael J. Fox