Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Maharlika Arnis-Sikaran Association

With the emergence of NARAPHIL (National Arnis Association of the Philippines) in 1975, all the Maharlika affiliated clubs and members became the pillars of the NARAPHIL. Each clubs were given their own identity and other groups joined in regardless of styles and beliefs.

The Affiliated Clubs of Maharlika

School-Based Clubs:

St. Michael Parochial High School ( Bacoor, Cavite - 1972)
Sta. Isabel College of Manila (1973)
St. Paul College of Parañaque (1973)
Ramon Magsaysay High School (Manila – 1973)
Heneral Tirona High School (Kawit, Cavite - 1973)
San Francisco High School (Manila – 1974)
University of the East (Manila – 1974)
FEATI University (Manila – 1974)
Philippine Maritime Merchant School (Manila – 1974)
Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila (1974)
Manila Science High School (1974)
Araullo High School (Manila – 1974)
Esteban Abada High School (Manila – 1975)
Hen. Emilio Aguinaldo High School (Manila – 1975)
San Sebastian College (Cavite City – 1975)
San Sebastian College (Manila – 1975)

Community-Based Clubs:

Maharlika Arnis-Sikaran Ass'n. (Silayan Chapter - 1972)
MASA Pintong Bato Chapter (Bacoor. Cavite - 1972)
MASA Luneta/Rizal Park Chapter (Manila - 1972)
MASA Nayong Pilipino Chapter (Pasay City - 1974)
All P.E. Teachers Arnis Association (1974)
All Inter-Commercial Arnis Association (1974)

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Early Maharlika Arnis tournaments

Maharlika Arnis Sikaran Association
Arnis Tournaments

1st Inter-Collegiate Arnis Tournament
Nayong Pilipino

1st Inter-Collegiate Arnis Championship

"1st Grand Maharlika Arnis Championship"
(Nayong Pilipino 1973)

MASA's first Arnis Workshop for P.E. Teachers

P.E. Teachers Summer Basic Arnis Trainers Course
(Nayong Pilipino 1974)

Maharlika Arnis Sikaran Association (1974)
(Tirona Chapter)
Oath Taking Ceremony of In-coming Officers

Maharlika Arnis Sikaran Association (1973)
(Bacoor Chapter)

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Maharlika Arnis-Sikaran Association (1975)
(Nayong Pilipino Chapter)

Maharlika Arnis Club of Feati University
After their graduation from Basic Arnis Training

Maharlika Tirona Arnis Club (1973)
(Kawit, Cavite)

Maharlika Silayan Chapter (1973)

Luneta Maharlika Chapter

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Our History
(Meneleo E. Estepa, M.D.)

The Maharlika Arnis Sikaran Association (MASA) is a non-stock, non-profit organization. It was founded in 1972, with Romeo de Castro Mascardo as the association president. It is the biggest of the four associations forming the NARAPHIL.

It has five chapters – three in Cavite, namely; the Bacoor chapter (headed by Carlito Mendoza), Imus and Kawit chapters (headed by Amor Cuntapay); the Luneta or Rizal Park chapter (headed by Solomon Manzanilla); and, the Nayong Pilipino chapter (headed by Benjamin O. Capacete).

As the title of the association suggests, they taught both sikaran and arnis simultaneously in their program of instruction.

The association participated more in sikaran tournaments than arnis, in view of the fact that there were no arnis contests being conducted during those times. It was in 1973 when the "1st Grand Maharlika Arnis Championship" that a full contact competition came into reality. The Nayong Pilipino chapter hosted the first event and thereafter until 1975.

With the emergence of the NARAPHIL, all full contact arnis contests came into respite and they concentrated more on their efforts to propagate and revive it’s practice.

A research team was formed to make an actual study program and documentation among the old practitioners in the fields and remote areas of the archipelago. Romeo Mascardo and Ramon Obusan headed the team. That study group brought out the real "Grandmasters" of the art and later was given the proper recognition they deserved. (Excerpts from NARAPHIL history)

The emergence of the Maharlika Arnis System came into place when the MASA finally concentrated its practice in arnis. Sikaran was an optional martial art and taught only in the Instructors Course. Five modules came into place, namely; Basic course, Advance course, Instructors course, for Law Enforcers and as a Competitive sport.

Liping Maharlika

In 1982, the Liping Maharlika was born as an offshoot of the MASA and later became the organization of the Maharlika Arnis System corps of instructors and as the governing body of the organization. It was officially registered to the Securities and Exchange Commission on the 14th of June 1989 with reg. # 164612.

Since it’s birth, it became the biggest source of professional human resources of manpower and contributed a lot of finances for the NARAPHIL thru membership and affiliations.

It has sponsored most of the NARAPHIL Arnis Tournaments in cooperation with other agencies (private and government) and even in publications. The most active in sponsoring tournaments is the Nayong Pilipino Arnis Club.

Today, it’s members are expanding globally and by the year 2010 they have established an international federation worthy of recognition in the field of arnis.